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Vigor-BS Advanced Green Biotechnology

Product featuresú║

Bacillus subtilis is a Gram-positive, catalase-positive bacterium commonly found in soil. Uigor BS contains high concentration live microorganism with fermentation technology. It could improve soil microenvironment of root circle, increase absorption and utility of nutrients and reduce the dcsease tnctdence of air-vorne diseages.

Application scopeú║

Applicable for all flowers and plants, vegetables, grains and fruit trees.

Product specificationú║ 1kg,5kgs (powder)

Timing of Application 

For seed

1. Dilute to 5~10 times. 
2. Mix the adhesive and  stir until the mixture become paste.
3. Dip seeds in the mixed paste for 1~2 mins as coating.
4. After drying, the coated seeds are able to be used.  


Foliar spray

Dilute to 400 times, directly spray on the plant (fruit, leaf and stem).

Foliar spray 1~2kgs/ha.
Treatment every 7~10days, at least continue 4 times.

Before broadcast orbefore seedling cultivation

Mix-application with organic fertilizer to field and cover one layer of soil deep about 10 cm up.



 After cultivation

Dilute to 400~800 times, directly spray on soil surface applied with organic fertilizer or around the roots.

Vegetables and melons treatment 3~5 kgs/ha, fruit trees treatment 3~8kgs/ha.


Mix our product with peat moss in the ratio 1ú║1oo for cultivation. Keep peat moss moisture and place the seedling or seed on optimal grow condition. To get better effect, you can add 2~5% humic organic fertilizer.



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